Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Going Live, in 5,4,3,2,1!

It never fails, God is good, ALL the time!!

I'm human and have moments of despair just like everyone else.  When I feel the monster at work, busy trying to discourage, me all I have to do is close my eyes, take a deep breath and call HIS name.
The process is slow, but it is steady and the Blessings do come when it is time.
I will have the pleasure and honor of letting every available ear listen to  or watch me spread the word as I do my part to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness.
I have been walking this journey for a long time and up until the last 4 years have I put all my energy into it.
I know that I'm doing more than I can to put the community onnotice about the importance of awareness.
I've taken my writing from pen and paper to print .
Now, I have the honor of, being interviewed on "The Arts Reporter WEB TV Show" on WWW.WAEN.TV .

On June 13th @4 PM, I will be a guest on "The Arts Reporter" as we discuss the importance of Raising Breast Breast Cancer Awareness, Foxs Trotters, Notes Along My Journey
Tune in and see the show

We know that everyone needs to know and many don't want to know.  We are encouraging all women to share their stories, don't hold it in because your ashamed or embarrassed.  The act of sharing is so very important that I can't stress it enough.
I hope you'll tune in, and let others know that it will be on.
The web is a resource that everyone accesses daily, take 30 minutes from your day to watch or listen in.

Our focus, my focus is to raise awareness!
Get your mammogram sooner than later!

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