Saturday, June 16, 2012

Monkey Wrench

Today is a Super Saturday!! 
I'm hoping that everyone is doing something they enjoy today.
My day started off with a bang - went out for a training walk in a new area that was a no go.
The area wasn't conducive to training and no one showed, what a bummer.
That seems to be my running theme.
I'm trying to maintain a positive outlook to the best of my ability but...
The Spa Day Event is not selling like I'd hoped for.
I refuse to allow anything to distract from the fact that this event is not for me.
This event is for every single fighter, survivor,walker and their entire support network as they fight any and ALL types of CANCER!  We have been blessed with service providers donating their time and services just for this cause. What could be better than that?
With a few vendors providing items for the raffle/auction to entice our guests plus bonus gift items.
Guests at this event are in store for treats galore!!
So even though the sales are not what I anticipated, we're going forward!
In life, when you're handed a wrench, twist it to the limit and smile the whole time.
I refuse to allow any thing to spoil my mood, my efforts or alter my journey!
I just have to get a little more creative in my efforts to raise$$ and awareness.

What are your thoughts?

I am  My Sister's Keeper

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