Friday, June 15, 2012

Active vs Inactive II

I'm upset and I know the reason - CANCER!!!
I just wrote this blog yesterday and here were are again- another woman has started a new journey. 

It doesn't matter that it wasn't breast cancer - it was CANCER!!! 
People we need to wake up and start taking a look at ourselves, our health and what we're going to do to prevent, treat and eliminate some of this horrid diseases that are snatching our loved ones.
Allow your voices to be heard through your ACTIONS!

I claimed that today was going to be a FANTASTIC FRIDAY and that is what it will be!!! 
In light of today's news of the loss of Yvette Wilson due to Cervical Cancer, each of us is going to find a way to support any form of cancer with a donation to an organization, group, or individual of your choice. 
This fight against CANCER belongs to everyone!! 
that means, you, your neighbor, sister, brother, father and myself! 
We feel sad today and maybe even tomorrow, we need to get mad enough to DO SOMETHING! 
We need to follow up when things don't feel right. 
We need to get out thee and take care our our health issues, concerns and ailments. 
We need to badge the HELL out of the doctor or go see another one! 
We need to LISTEN to our bodies! 
Let today be the day you TAKE A STAND! 

Yes, I'm hosting an event.  Yes, I'm pushing it feverishly not for myself, but for YOU! 

The purpose and the reason for this event is to CELEBRATE survivors, fighters and their support network.  We are always pulling for you, because you're never out of the woods after a diagnosis! 
Pledge today to be a part of something, come out, bring your loved one and show them that you still support  them by supporting this event or another you know of that is fighting with you against CANCER!
Please, I sincerely asking that you not wait until it is in your inner circle before you take action.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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