Thursday, June 14, 2012

Active vs Inactive

There has been so much going on that sometimes, I think maybe I'm doing too much.
Just when I think that I can't do anymore to bring awareness to this cause, I continue to surprise myself.
That speaks volumes for self-determination because I know that I have it.
Even on days, weeks and yes months when things aren't going my way and it doesn't appear as though anyone is interested in learning about Breast Cancer or even helping out and I feel defeated.  I brush myself off, get refocused and head back out thee to make it happen.
I have done things that even I didn't think I'd be able to accomplish.  I wrote a book! Imagine that, I didn't think I ever would.  yes, I dreamt of it, wished for it and even started a few times.  Staying focused on the goal, I finally did it. Now there will be a book signing and release party to celebrate it.  Proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards this fight, not my pocket.  It is my book and it's about all that I've encountered on this journey.  I feel its only right to share a percentage of the proceeds with those that can benefit from it - those in need of a cure.
As often as I try to celebrate the fighters, survivors and their support network including the walkers it never seems to be received in the same capacity by the community.
Talk about breaking your spirit; with  all the planning and coordinating that goes into an event to have 10 people or less turn out can do it to you.  I refuse to stop because all I need to do is connect with just one person and that's it. of course, you want to have an event that is successful and has many people attending, but you enjoy and appreciate those that took the time and the effort to come out and support and enjoy the event.
In any given month I met or hear about at least 2 additional women that have received a diagnosis or someone has lost their fight.  This is why I continue to forge through the obstacles placed before me and do what I do. If there is the slightest possibility that I can bring someone a little glimmer of joy on a rough day, give them a reason to smile and think that their life is worth fighting for, I win!
I am determined to reach as many people that I possibly can on this journey.
This is a lifelong journey that began so long ago I can't remember its initiation.  I just know it is something I'm destined to do.

If you are determined to do anything that you can to join this fight, come out to one of the events -
the Spa Day, The Book Signing, the Online Auction; make a donation as a gift in the name of a loved one.
We need your determination to go along with ours.
We can WIN if we are all determined to WIN!!

I am My Sister's Keeper

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  1. I'm upset and I know the reason - CANCER!!!
    I just wrote this blog yesterday and here were are again- another woman has started a new journey. It doesn't matter that it wasn't breast cancer - it was CANCER!!! People we need to wake up and start taking a look at ourselves, our health and what we're going to do to prevent, treat and eliminate some of this horrid diseases that are snatching our loved ones.
    Allow your voices to be heard through your ACTIONS!