Sunday, May 27, 2012

Publishing Debut

I did it!!!
I'm so excited and a little apprehensive at the same time.
today was the publishing debut event that I've been speaking of.
Ok let me back up, I'm writing a book about this journey.  Notes Along My Journey is a compilation of pieces that I've written, posted, stated to encourage, uplift and motivate others on their own journey.  I had the idea to put the pen and paper to print and see what happens.  That part of the process is done, now I need to review and make corrections to prepare the best quality piece of work for publishing and presentation.
Today, I held a publishing debut event to allow others to get an inside look and listen of a couple pieces in the book.
Initially, the format was going to be written then I gained access to an audio format and used it today. I used blog talk radio to allow participants to listen to the pieces in my voice and make comments or ask questions.
I read 4 pieces that will be in the book and I had one caller.  The caller was my partner and a part of my inspiration Sally, but still it was a caller.  I am always my worse critic and for the most part I was pleased as it was the first attempt.  
I have now posted the link here on the blog and on face book and have gotten positive feedback so far.  You can listen to it and comment as well.  Just click on the link at the top right side of the page. I listened to it and now what things I can do to make the next broadcast better.  I'm just elated to have achieved something that I never considered before.
I'm getting more excited as the I get to each phase in this process and more so because this book was inspired by all of you that I've talked to, listened to and cried with and for.  I'm constantly being touched by breast caner and I can happily say it is not all negative.
This book is for you and I hope you are continuously inspired, motivated and uplifted by my words.

I am My Sister's Keeper. 

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