Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fighting spirit

Today we're going to lend our support to specific group that is out there fighting to show everyone a that there is a face attached to the breast that become diseased.
My hope is that by seeing the face, it will allow you to make a connection to this fight.
One of these woman may touch something deep within and inspire you to get your own mammogram, or remind a loved one to get it done.
The Scar Project is amazing photo-story that shares the story of these strong and courageous woman that refuse to be seen as victims any longer!!  The SCAR Project is a series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors shot by fashion photographer David Jay.  Primarily an awareness campaign, The SCAR Project puts a raw unflinching face on early onset breast cancer while paying tribute to the courage and spirit of so many brave young women.
So visit the links and please leave your comments, thoughts and feelings as we want to know.

This project is so amazing.
It is the spirit of the fighter as they beat this disease and share their strength through an artistic medium.
Take a
look and enjoy.
We have to continue to share the accomplishments of all survivors and this project does just that!

This soldier is an example of a true soldier.  More concerned with her unit than with her own health.
Allow her story to inspire you.

The girl with the red hair and a tear is a sorrowful story that takes you along as she discovers a strength within that she uses to propel her forward.  She finds strength in the mother figures of her physicians.
This story is a must read.

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