Friday, May 4, 2012

Committed to fight!

Every 74 seconds, somewhere in the world, someone dies from breast cancer. 
That's a pretty startling statistic.  
No one should have to face this disease, so to create a future without breast cancer, I will walk to fight Breast Cancer.
It's a 60-mile walk over the course of three days that raises funds for breast cancer research and community programs. Last year, I had an incredible experience participating in this event. I raised my target goal and met so many wonderful friends along the way.
I've made this journey a self proclaimed journey of commitment to this fight.  

This year will mark my 3rd consecutive 60 mile journey.  I started walking to support the many co-workers and fmaily members that have been touched.  During the course of my journey, I've lost several new friends as they've passed on.  They are no longer here to continue the fight.  I have added them to my list of reasons to walk.  
The women and families that I've met are remarkable everyday people just like us. 
In the last 4 years more than 5 women I know personally have received a diagnosis.  They are still fighting to beat the odds and survive without remission.  I have been fortunate thus far, and have remained cancer free.  As I fight and take this journey it becomes clearer to me each day, that I too can easily become a woman with a diagnosis.  Help me with your support to find a cure so it doesn't have to happen to another person that we know, including ourselves. 

Breast Cancer doesn't know names, faces, socio-economic background, color or education levels nor does it care.  Your support will help in countless ways.  I need your support even in this very difficult economic times.  Breast Cancer doesn't take a break.  
Please find a way to make a donation of any amount that you can.  I'm asking you to donate $100 or more.  Why, because it can be spread over 4 months, its tax deductible and your employer may match it. Why, because you care enough to know you can make a difference.   A donation of any amount is very much appreciated, wanted and welcomed. 
Walking 60 miles was hard, but I will keep walking until breast cancer is no longer a threat. I walk because everyone deserves a lifetime.  No matter how difficult it may be at times, I forge ahead because we all matter.  We all want to be here for our families.  When you see the commercials, think of someone you know that has been touched, someone that is walking this walk, someone that is doing something, think of yourself. 

Please make a donation to support my fundraising efforts and this important cause. Then consider making that donation every month for the next four months, using the payment plan option available when you donate online at  Ask your friends to join you and donate the same amount you do.  Many companies have matching gifts programs, so please ask your employer if they will double your donation with a matching gift.
To make a donation, simply follow the link below to visit my personal fundraising webpage. If you don't want to donate online, you can download and print a donation form from that page that you can mail in with your donation.
I appreciate your support. I'll add your name (and the names of all of my donors) to my T-shirt, so I can introduce you to others as I set out on my journey.

Warmest regards,
P.S. I plan on reaching my fundraising goal by June 1st, so please don't wait. Donate today!            

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