Saturday, May 5, 2012


It didn't take me long to realize that many of my colleagues were being diagnosed sadly, in rapid succession. 
I decided to take a stand and do something to support and honor them and every woman in this fight. 
In light of Teacher Appreciation Day/Week coming up and Mother's Day as well, I thought it would great if we could continue to show our support in this fight during this time
If you have a teacher now or know of one current or past that has been diagnosed, honor them in this way.  Show them how much thier presence is appreciated for each day in the classroom and in the building doing all that teachers do.  Make a donation in the amount of your choosing in their name to support their fight against a disease that takes them on a journey of a different kind, one that isn't their choosing and would not choose for you. 
Teachers don't show up at 8 am to get the day started or leave at 2:50 to end the day. 
A teacher works before and after the hours children are in the building and often are not paid or told a solemn Thank You. 
Teacher's do more than just teach the curriculum, discipline, post grades, grade papers, test and mountains of paperwork. 
We establish relationships with our students and other children in the building and with the families. 
We build and develop minds of our future leaders of tomorrow and days yet to come. 
We encourage lovers of reading, bokks and knowledge. 
We support those that aren't at the top of the ladder and struggling to get somewhere close to it. 
We love on the babies that come to us in so much need of attention, love and praise. 
We give boundaries for those that are used to doing their own thing. 
We provide a safe haven for those that have personal lives in turmoil. 
We open our pockets and feed those that have no money for breakfast or lunch.
We seek out proper clothing for inclement weather for those that don't have it.
Some even make the purchases and gift the children a surprise. 
We acknowledge the difficulties and support the efforts to overcome their obstacles. 
Teachers are the ones that go to bat for these children when no one else is there. 
Teacher are the ones that will attend in extra-curricular event just because we were asked.
So I encourage to think of the impact the teacher has on the life of a child and show how much you appreciate that educator.  That's what we do edcuate children to be better prepared and hopefully well rounded people with a purpose, direction and goals in life. 
We take what you as the parent have developed and continue to assist in that process. 
We don't replace the parent, just add to what you have already started. 
So when you think of a teacher don't think of the person that got your child in trouble, didn't give them a "good" grade, gives too much homework or that keeps calling you.  
Think of all of the items above and give them a moment, a day, a week a school year of support and appreciation. 
We are not superheroes, super human, we are just people with a love for what we do and the children that we do it for. 
Appreciation doesn't mean you have to buy a gift although it is nice. 
It can mean a short note an act of kindness. 
It can mean letting a teaching know that you notice the difference in your child and that it means something to you.
It can be something as simple and easy as a Thank you for all that you do everyday.

To my fellow educators out there:
I appreciate you all for sticking with it thorugh the rough days and the days that make you want to scream.  
I appreciate those of you retiring from a long and fulfilling career for seeing your dreams through to the end. 
I appreciate your patience and withstanding all that comes with our role. 
I appreciate you! 

An Educator. 

 Donate how much you appreciate your teacher!!

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