Saturday, March 24, 2012


I'm sorry to say that I have been living in a state of denial.
I have been so focused on reaching out to people and sharing information about the importance of getting mammograms and overall health check-ups that I must have been using tunnel vision.  After reading a post on a page I frequent, it dawned on me that there are people out there that are truly just looking at the microscopic picture of this fight against breast cancer, not the BIGGER picture.  The humane side where you sit and hear the stories that others are willing to share, their loss, shame and determination to be a winner.  As emotional as it is, I enjoy the sharing.  It keeps me humble and ever so thankful.
I have been sending out emails and requesting individuals, family and friends to make donations and I have had emails blocked or no responses at all.  Initially, it didn't even register or bother me.
As strongly as I feel, today I truly realized there are those that feel the exact opposite just as strongly.
So often, I meet people that have been touched by breast cancer and have no recourse in getting assistance.  They don't have a support group, a strong connection to help them in recovery without feeling the pity that goes with a diagnosis or even a good friend to talk with.  These are the very people that are my motivation to continue on this journey.  I just know there has to be some way to get people involved.  But, I haven't figured it out.
Am I doing something wrong, is there another way to go about this, am I speaking to the wrong people?
This fight is every woman's fight, we are all susceptible to getting a diagnosis.
Why sit and wait until it happens before you decide to do something about it.  I think that is the part that has truly baffles me the most.
What would it take for you to say I need to do something and do it now?
Each person has a passion about something and usually its something that we have a direct connection to. I often sit and wonder how to get others to realize the importance of this fight.

What do you think? I'm open to suggestions and comments and would love to know your thoughts.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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