Sunday, April 1, 2012

Word is ...

There are many that wonder about me and this journey.
From my mouth to the Lord's ear, I have not received a diagnosis, but know far too many that have.
For them, you, my daughter and far too many others, this is my journey.
I'm not unrealistic, I know that everyone doesn't have the freedom or ability to give their money to this fight.  I only ask because that's the only I'll know.  There are so many ways that we can help in this supporting this fight.  I post many events, ideas and creative suggestions that you can participate in that don't have you making a monetary donation.  Take a moment and view them, share the information with others.  Word of mouth is still by far the best way to promote an event, cause, purchase and so much more.  I love what I do and realize that some of you aren't really interested in.
My journey is not mine alone, so I continue to talk about it, walk for it, and spread the word.
My intent it not to offend, plead, demean, belittle, beg or piss you off.
I ask because I need to, I talk about it because I have to, I advocate, because voices need to be heard - I do it all because I care.
I stand tall, strong and with pride and yes sometimes I cry.
My fight is for each of us until I'm no longer needed or able to.
No, I'm not angry or upset, just clearing the air.  Fresh month, fresh start.
Have a wonderful day <3.

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