Sunday, February 26, 2012

Have you ever

Have you ever considered what you would do if upon your next medical appointment the Doctor stated you need to have an MRI as they've seen or felt something in your breast that needs a closer look?
What would you do, say or feel?
What if the test revealed that there is a mass growing in one of your breasts?
How about if the mass is in both your breasts?
This is your Breast Cancer Diagnosis!
Where do the words come from to share with your family members or significant others?
Now here comes the part when they tell you they need to remove a breast and part of another to get out the cancerous cells.
These are words or those very similarly heard by many women, actually one every 74 seconds!
How do you avoid being one of those women?
How do you help a women that has heard this?
You pledge to commit to help support the fight against Breast Cancer!
Is this something you think you can handle or would you rather handle a diagnosis?
No one asks for this.
No one knows how to respond to this.
No one knows what to do next.
How can we eliminate getting to this point, donate to give as much support as possible.
What we can't cure today, we can hopefully prevent tomorrow.
Mammograms, breast self exams, medical visits,  being informed.
Don't give your life savings, give what you are comfortable with, support another person by being them for them.  Visit your doctor and talk about it.
This is very REAL, not a someone else situation.  It very well could be you.
Have you ever considered.....

I am My Sister's Keeper
You can make a donation to to support this fight.
Feel free to express yourself here. 

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