Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Challenge

It isn't very often that there are comments to my posts.
So when I do see them, I'm very anxious to see what people are saying.
Today, I read the comments and there was a smile so big, my cheeks hurt.
I love what I think I'm doing as I truly believe this journey has been set before by another other than myself.
I have accepted the journey and will adhere to the calling as long as it is here.
I do what I can and when I'm able.
I ask each of you that read and share my blog to accept the Weekend Challenge..
We need the support of as many people that we can get.
Yes, I'm trying to raise funds to support this fight not for myself, but for every other out there that is being touched with a diagnosis.  Pledge to donate 429 over the weekend and get your tax deductible receipt today. Encourage 2 friends to join you to continue to spread the word as we all Raise Awareness.
Let's make this weekend a success!!
Visit my link and participate in your portion of the journey

I am My Sister's Keeper

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