Monday, January 30, 2012

Tomorrow isn't promised

I learned of this young lady last night.
 Tarnia is a 27 year mom that has just had a bilateral mastectomy and sent her a message, today I learned of another acquaintance that has received a diagnosis and then I just read of a young man that has passed on. 
Cancer is a killer that is taking lives of those we know and those we've yet to met. 
How many more reasons in one day do you need to lend your support to this fight. 
Give a gift in honor of your friend, mother, sister, grandparent or the stranger you don't see any more. A donation of just $35 will make an impact. 
Please don't sit on your hands, click the keys and donate today! 
Visit my page and make it happen, 
We need your support and your donation is an amazing gift. 
Don't wait until it's knocking at your door to decide to do something. 
Tomorrow isn't promised. 
Thank you.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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