Sunday, January 29, 2012

2nd Annual Woman's Day Event

In preparation for our 2nd Annual Woman's Day Event --The Phenomenal Woman! 
We're looking for anyone and everyone that would like to be a sponsor, vendor, or to provide items for our gift bags. We're trying to provide gift bags of items and information for 30 people. 
You can comment or message me with your interest or questions. 
The date and location will be announced shortly.  
I can tell you in will be in the downtown area and not here in Powder Springs, GA in April. 
This year, we're trying to target a broader group of people that need to be celebrated!! 

So if you want to participate or attend contact me. 
The tickets will be going on sale very soon and there will be limited tickets available. 
Last year's event was great and this year is sure to be even better!! 

I am My Sister's Keeper 

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