Sunday, January 8, 2012

Raising Awareness

Many of us do realize that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
There is no reason to wait until October to do DO SOMETHING!
We encourage all women as young as 40 to make an appointment for their first mammogram.
As an avid supporter and adovcate for this cause, in October I will walk 60 Miles over 3 days to raise funds and awareness.
Funds raised support Research and Development but they also enable local communities to provide serivces to women that truly need them.  A portion of donated funds go to providing mammograms, wigs, aftercare, support and transportation to receive these services. Families that are touched by breast cancer feel the long lasting impact long after the walk is over. But the support for these women and their families is ongoing.
I have a personal goal to raise $3,5000 and need your help to get there.
If each person here knows someone or themselves have been touched by breast cancer, lend your support to us and the effort to raise awareness.
Early detection is a vital part of treatment, do your self breast exams monthly, schedule a yearly mammogram support those that fighting to beat breast cancer.
If you would like to make a donation that is tax deductible of any amount, it would be greatly appreciated. You may make your donations to my page @

We need to let our voices be heard, today, tomorrow and everyday until there is a cure.
A little goes a long way.  Just $35 provides transportation to receive treatment or a mammogram.
Please do what you can for yourself or someone you know, love or lost.
Request their name be placed on the tee to be worn to acknowledge them during this event.

We appreciate and LOVE the support!!

I am My Sister's Keeper
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