Saturday, December 17, 2011

Supporting those in despair

This time of year is so difficult for so many people on so many different levels. 
They are experiencing their fight, their loss, pain, treatment and suffering. 
So many people decide that they are going to make their own decisions to end their fight, this cycle on their own terms. 
Breast Cancer is no different.  People feel so lost in this fight, doubt the need to take this journey and feel like 
giving up. I'm asking you to lend you support with a donation.
I'm hoping that the individuals that are in despair during this time of year are able to reach out and gain some support.
No one should be alone during this season going through the fight without another. 
I will do my best to reach out to those that need to know how special they are.

Please know that you are not in this by yourself.  Go to those you love and are close to,make a call.
Lend them your support of friendship, love and compassion.
This is a great time to make a donation and have it spread out over 4 months and get your personal or business 2011 tax deduction. 
Visit my page to donate to help the fight.   

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