Saturday, November 26, 2011

Letters to Troops

Today I need to focus one another very important fight that is not our directly but one we all fight. 
Please join us in this effort to give our support to the many women and men that truly need it as they venture off on their journey!

Many of us have family members or friends that in the military. These men and women are leaving their family and friends or due to return after the holiday season. 
There is a brigade that is in the process of being deployed and I thought it would be really supportive to send them tons of mail before they ship out. Many are young and it's their 1st deployment away from life as they know it.

If you'd like to join me in sending letters of support, thanks, motivation and encouragement you can. Let them know that we appreciate what they are about to do for us and everyone stationed and living where their going.

Simply write a letter in word and email it to me to or send it to me here as a message. My goal is to have 500 letters by November 30 to mail out in bulk to the unit. Due to the respect for your privacy and our military personnel, none of the letters will be read, just printed and placed in envelopes for the soldiers.

Share with everyone on your page and let's show them we CARE!!
Just RSVP and send me your letter:(

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