Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cure 2012!!!

We are preparing to embark on our 3rd consecutive journey to fight breast cancer!!
I have tons of ideas and thoughts just running through my head and trying to decide where to start.
Through the experiences of these past two years I have realized that my ideas of events are more exciting to me than to others.  What does that mean, well I'll have to definitely scale back and just work a whole lot harder on a very small scale.  To me the most important aspects are the turnout, the impact and the people that are able to receive the information being provided.
This upcoming year will be one of intense face to face interactions as I just don't have the funds to spend to provide when the interest in very low.
I realized that it's not the cause it's me the planner/host of the events.
I haven't given up, I will continue the fight and raising awareness i just have to utilize alternate methods.
I look forward to seeing you and keeping you informed.
Stay blessed and t peace.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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