Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Vow of Commitment

I have found another cause that I'm vowing to support.
Many of you may not know that I am a Veteran.
One of my sons has decided to follow in my footsteps, Army and another Navy.
As one is currently deployed, I spend many days and nights praying for his safe return as well as those in his brigade.
I have always supported the troops and now its personal.
I have participated in my first act of support and some of you have joined me in mailing letters to troops.
I now intend to continue this practice year round as these young men and women are truly experiencing this for the first time.   We all know that as troops pull out others have to replace them until all bases, camps and posts are cleared of our troops.
I will begin to send packages and letters monthly as often as I can.
I've done my research and located an organization that allows soldiers to speak for themselves as to what they need and want. I have a few more steps to take and finalize this project and then we're off.
If you'd like to participate, I'd greatly welcome it.
Our troops are a very important fiber of our country, history and our lives.
We think of them as brave, strong and very courageous individuals but they too suffer and receive Breast Cancer diagnosis.
I have a duty to help them as much as I can now more than ever. :)
So, when you go about your daily lives, keep these young people and all the fighters in your thoughts and prayers.
Have a wonderful day!

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