Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's time

It is the eve of the 3DAY and I'm so excited I don't know what to do first.
I haven't begun to pack or ensure that I have all that I need.
I won't be here for the 3 days so that means no posts unless I can get access to a pc.
I will be sure to note all significant events that take place during the 3DAYS.
I will take as many pictures and videos as my lil phone will allow so I can share when I return.

I posted a comment to FB the other day and it seemed to have started a "conversation" of sorts.  It wasn't intend to start an argument, but it did engage people in conversations stating their differing views and opinions.  Which for me wound up being a good thing.  There are times when we all need to release our emotions to purge our systems.  There are many angry individuals out there that are fighters, survivors and supportive family members.
As unfortunate as it is, there is no proven cure for Breast Cancer.  There are different things that work for different people.  So yes, the anger, frustration and despair that is felt is well understood, but we can only do what we can.  Be there for your loved ones in any way that you can, they need it and you probably do as well.
On the brink of this eve, I was informed today that another person I know has begun treatment yet again as the cancer has returned.  It has no spread and I'm saddened to hear this.  I want her to know that she is in my prayers and I will be taking her with me this weekend along with everyone else.

Stay safe, strong and as healthy as possible.
I am My Sister's Keeper

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