Monday, October 24, 2011

Hell YEAH!!!

We made it through!!
It's official we completed this leg of the journey - The Atlanta 3 Day 60 Mile Walk For a Cure!!!
I can't begin to express the numerous emotions and thought swirling through me at this time.
I'm elated because I was able to participate and complete the walk and exhilarated by the amount of support received both before and during the actual walk.
Yes, my feet are so sore and swollen, my legs and back hurt to no end.
Was it and is it worth - HELL YEAH!!!
Will I do it again, HELL YEAH!!!
I was able to do something that is so much larger than myself.  I spoke with so many women and men that are also on this journey doing all that we can to find a cure and raise awareness.
Yes, this year our tents were indoors and there were a few more creature comforts provided.
Yes, the route this year KICKED our BOOBies and then some.
Never knew there were so many hills in downtown Atlanta.
We walked through some wonderful neighborhoods, parks and the not so great hidden area areas of Atlanta. So in terms of raising awareness, we did it.  In terms of walking it, that's another story.
We met new and reconnected with other 3 Day friends.
I guess I have a new name on the 3 Day - The Motivator! Who knew? :)
The weather cooperated in that it wasn't raining, but it was a brisk Fall walk over the course.
The neighbors were out in full force giving us their support and encouragement to keep it going.
The local business were supportive of potty stops and homeowners of loaning their front lawns, steps to us to stretch our weary bodies on.
The police departments of each county were very supportive and keep traffic at bay even when the cars wanted to get on their way.  So thanks guys, you served and protected  us well!!
I could go on and on with all the specific details from the event, but I'll have to give it to you a little at a time.

For everyone would agree, the best part was seeing family and friends at different stops along the way out giving their cheers, tears, of support, encouragement and hugs filled with love!
It was enough to keep you headed in the forward direction.

We THANK YOU!! for all that you have done and will continue to do to Kick some Breast Cancer A$$!!

If you haven't had an opportunity to make a donation, not to worry.  You can still donate to me @

I am My Sister's Keeper

I'll check back in later on, please leave a comment or share a thought.

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