Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Inspired

We are just 3 days form the walk and I'm feeling some kind of way.
What does that mean?
I'm excited to be walking and to know that I'm doing my part for so many others.
Disappointed that so many I thought I could count on to get me there so much sooner, haven't done so.
Empathetic, because I know times are hard for all of us, yet people are still receiving a diagnosis.
Tired and worn down because this journey is so very draining.
Inspired from a picture of a walker that is out there getting it done in multiple cities and not faltering.
I won't be swayed because there are so many that don't have options to choose from that are necessarily beneficial to them.
I know that I have to keep going and without donations or support, I will make this journey.
I am here for the long haul and I'm not going anywhere.
So I am making the sacrifice to make it there at all costs.
I am My Sister's Keeper.

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