Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sad but TRUE!

I needed to share this with any and every person that reads this blog.
PLEASE BELIEVE the numbers are true.  Whenever you have read that 1 in 8 women you know will receive a diagnosis, it is TRUE!!!
In the last 2 years looking at a random 8 women of all the women I know I will focus on the women I know and have met during my time here in Georgia.
With that being said, of the 8 women to possibly receive a diagnosis  3 women have done just that!
I'm saddened to say that another friend of mine has received a diagnosis.  Please believe the numbers 1 in 8.  I'm now at 3 in 8 of my friends, women that I know personally have been diagnosed within 2 years.  We have to do something about this SOONER than later!!!
I have spoken with her to let her know that she is NOT alone, that I will be there as she needs to me whenever she needs me.

If you haven't been inspired to make a donation to me or another walker, supporter or fighter to fight against Breast Cancer, please do so today!!
Don't wait until you are being counted by someone as 1 of 8. This is not a game of chance that you want to play with your life and hope to live to tell about it.

Visit the link and allow your choice to be your voice!

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  1. I'm telling you this because you need to know and I Am My Sister's Keeper!!