Friday, August 19, 2011

Campaign to Make A Difference - Raising $400

In an effort to make this weekend count I'm looking to see as many people as possible make donations to continue this fight.
Yesterday I received the news that another friend in the past 2 years has received a diagnosis.  In error I stated that made 3 friend out of 8 when it is actually the 4th woman to have received one.
I have asked many people to do what they can and this weekend is the time to make it happen.  
Your doantion can be in any amount that you can afford or would like to give no one is judging you.  We are just asking youto be actively involved in this campaign.
If you donate an amount up to and over $50 it can be done  in 3 payments, yet it counts as the full donation.  If you and everyone you share this with decides to make a donation, we can reach the weekend campaign goal of $400.
I ask you to repost on your wall, ask others and get the word out there. 
My friend, doesn't know how she missed it.  She is still in shock over the recent news as was I. 
I'm committed to this fight and to being there for her in any way that she needs to be or not. 

At some point in time, we each have an opportunity to help another person.  This is your time! 
Read the post below - Sad but TRUE!!, it touches at least one of you that are reading it. 
Please be compelled, inspired, or touched enough to take action today. 

I am My Sister's Keeper

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