Saturday, August 20, 2011


Don't stop believing or having faith. 
Those that are false will come to the light and those that walk in the light will shine through.
I believe we can do this, 
I believe we can get through this
I know we can win. 
I see the fight will be long and hard
The road we travel will be different with each step we make. 
The path we follow will be different each time for each of us, 
together as one unit, with faith, we can do this!! 
We cry, we laugh, we mourn the loss, deal with the sorrow, 
keep the faith because we still have tomorrow. 
Rest and be comforted in knowing that you are not alone. 
Open your eyes and look, I'm right here where you need me to be. 
Don't stop believing or having faith. 
I won't leave you, judge you, or mistreat you, 
I will be right where you need me. 
Don't stop believing or having faith. 
I am My Sister's Keeper and you.. 
are my sister. 

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