Monday, August 22, 2011

KICK Off Party

This is truly a great way to send us off with a BANG!!!
RSVP and get your tickets ASAP!!!

Party the way we used to - good food, music and loads of fun!!!
Come dance the night away and enjoy good company. 
Bring your friends, partners and spouses - this is for grown folks only!!!
  Send us off to kick some Breast Cancer booty in style!!!
  Your attire is comfortably relaxed, but ready for camera shots. :) 

Tickets for your food, music and old skool good times are just $10!! 

***All proceeds from this event will go towards the 3 Day Walk!! ***

Tickets can be purchased as detailed below:
directly through me - cash, check or credit card


There will be raffles, candy bar entertainment and a photo booth!!
Feel free to get your raffle tickets at the same time, get them for just $1.
You can make a donation to support our walk for the following week. 

*This is event will updated as we get additional information.

Come on out and join the fun with us!!

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