Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yes, You Can Campaign!!

We are starting this campaign to continue to RAISE AWARENESS One Step At a Time!!
All it takes is one person to decide that they want something different for themselves, their children and so on.
We're not waiting for it to be done for us, we're doing it for ourselves!

Join in this campaign and Stand Up today!

We need you to ask everyone that you know to:
join in and donate
get a mammogram
ask questions
be proactive

We know the numbers don't lie and there is an anticipated shortage of medication that is being given to women to treat them at varying stages.  How much longer will we sit back and accept this as being OK?
Let today be the day you decide to DO Something!

Your feedback is always welcomed, so don't be shy. :)
Hold the date in October and join our Kick-Off Party!!

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