Thursday, June 30, 2011

What does it cost me?

How much is enough or too much.
When you are fundraising everyone has a different approach.
there are those that request a specific amount and others that leave it open to the giver to decide what they are able to or want to give.  Many times we do more than just ask for money, we offer or sell items that have a value associated with it.  We offer prizes, raffles, and host events as well.
We hope that any and all donations that are given are given freely from the individual and because there is a connection of some kind.
I no longer focus on a particular amount, I want people that want to give to do so at a level that is comfortable for them.  I would hate to think that someone made a donation that is placing a strain on them and their situations because they feel so strongly about the cause. I do that and know how that feels.
I get frustrated, disappointed and upset that others don't feel as I do.  I do a lot of observation as just part of my lifestyle.  Many times I just sit and observe what others do as part of their routine and special things.  It allows me to have a tiny fractional idea of a person. I watch how and whom responds to various posts and just take notes.  I make mistakes as I am human and try hard not to judge as I am human.
I wish we lived in a place where those that hurt, could be helped right away; those that need healing could have it done; in a place where there was no disease that killed, maimed or disfigured a persons minds, body and soul.  But we don't.  This is where we live and what we have to deal with.
I realize that for some my asking for donations is redundant, aggravating, tiresome and so on.  I also realize for some this is the only way they will know about the impact of Breast Cancer before it touches someone close to them if not themselves.
So I ask because the worst you can do is say No.  Then I know where you stand and leave it at that.
For every No, there are twice as many silent responses - just nothing.
So I ask again and again until you tell me to go away or I just decide to move on.
I looked at the calendar today and realized there are 114 days before the walk and I need to raise $3,500 dollars.  So here this is where I have the quandary of do I ask for a specific amount or allow people to just give freely?
I decided that I will do both - I will ask for the specific $114 spread over 4 payments and let you know that I will gladly accept any amount you feel comfortable donating. :)
There, that is the answer to that question.

So you have the opportunity to be part of an exclusive group of people, those that want to Make A Difference.  Will you be so kind as to make a tax deductible donation to support the fight against Breast Cancer in the amount of $114 or any amount you wish.
I ask for $114 because there are 114 days before we walk here in Atlanta.
I ask that you donate so our children we can push forward and hopefully keep our grandchildren from receiving the news of a breast cancer diagnosis one day.
I ask that you donate because if you don't use you Voice you have No Choice!
Don't wait until it touches you or those you love.

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  1. Heartwarming post Nichelle. I can tell this came from your heart and I wish you much success in your walk.