Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Someone IS Watching

Good morning world and thank you Lord for this day and what comes along with it!!

A few days ago I posted a blog titled Leader or Follower about roles and opportunities. In it I stated Persistence and determination will get you there because someone is always watching seen and unseen.  I had my comeback today because obviously someone is watching.  I awoke to an email from a gentleman that I don’t know had no prior contact with wanting to know about Foxs Trotters campaign.  I was a little (ok, greatly) curious about who is this person, how did he find our team and what purpose did he serve.  I looked around for info on him on face book, but it was limited. 
I said all that to say, I proudly responded to his request. Of course while responding my curiosity was/is peaked to no end and filling me with tons of questions.  Aside from a negative outcome, that I refuse to focus on.  I have given it up to Him knowing this is a blessing in its own light.  
Somehow, someway, for some reason this man, Mr. G was led to our group, page, team and it’s not in my hands or for me to question.  This is a golden opportunity for an unknown variable to have a positive impact on the known or to be touched and inspired. 
I’m not asking if he’ll donate or share, I feel blessed that he inquired.  As long as I can continue to share the information and raise awareness about Breast Cancer, who we are and our vision I’m on solid ground.
Believe it because it's true, someone is always watching seen and unseen!
So again I say,  
Here’s to wishing you all receive a lil something special today.

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