Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Regroup, Renew and Refreshed - Me Blog Entry #13

It has been a very hectic couple weeks that seem to have so much longer than just 8-10 days. 
Kadena, I'm not apologizing for life goes on.  Often we get caught up in what needs to get done and not what we want to get done. Yet here I am, Ready,Willing, and Able!
I surprised myself, by missing the opportunity to post daily blogs - I'm enjoying the challenge. 
I realized as I sat here today that this is my resting period.  My moment of peace and solitude as I sit and just listen to the birds chirping away with one another, the sun shining through the windows and the calmness of the sounds of the few passing cars. 
I am actually at rest, ahhhh. 
Having a moment to breath, sigh and just sit - doesn't happen too often in my world. 
I'm excited to what I've missed since I've been away and that you all have been talking about. 
I can happily share that I managed to squeeze in a 14 mile walk on Sunday and my body was feeling it on Sunday and Monday :) 

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