Thursday, June 23, 2011


In the planning stages of gathering all the data and details for our Kick-Off Party!!!
Very excited about having this event, but trying to have a stress free planning stage.
I thought having a care-free environment or should I say a very relaxed environment where people can be comfortable, have a good time and socialize is important to me.
When was the last time people could go to a party and actually enjoy themselves.
I intend to have food, music, a couple vendors and some entertainment.
So now I need to seek out the items I'm missing and hopefully a couple sponsors to help this things get off the ground.
Many people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes in fundraising and just think we want the money.  I'm sure for some that may be true, but I actually think about a fundraiser as if I were the attendee or the individual make the contribution.  I enjoy the planning and working out the details and securing all the particulars.
I'm currently trying to get the fliers together and come up with the pictures for those.  Glad that I'm starting early so it won't be down to the wire and I'm still running around.
In preparation for next year I will take the ides that work this year and move them into the upcoming year.
Well I have to get busy, catch up with you all later

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  1. You are absolutely correct about the lack of awareness that tea, work makes the dream work. I've volunteered for the past 25 years and it still amazes me when people project ideas that "all you want is my money". I've learned to look them in the eye and say with a smile "Yes, and I also want your time, undivided attention and intellectual capital. It is time for you to stop hoarding yoru gifts. We need your help!"