Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today's a new day!
A great reason to get refocused and direct you attention in the areas you might have missed.
For me that means getting out there and handing out informational sheets on breast cancer and our team efforts.
I need to get personal and face to face with the public.
I intend to let them know what i do for the community and where/how they can reach me.
This can be applied to all businesses that rely on the public as consumers and patrons of their businesses.
There are so many of us utilizing technology , it's easy to forget there is a world of people that don't.  They don't actively engage in it often or to the point that might enable them to see and use our services.
So, my goal for today is a bit traditional if not old fashioned.  I'm going door to door and face to face.
I want to set a target goal for the days I do this to interact with at least 10 people.  Yes, I know the number is small but we have to start somewhere.
From those 10 all I need is 1 to be interested and build from there.
should this work, I can increase my goal as i began to develop relationships with those individuals.
Wish me luck - I intend to get started a little later this morning.
I at least want them to have breakfast and coffee first!

Visit my page and consider doing something positive with your day.

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