Monday, June 13, 2011


Is endurance an innate trait that we as women have or is it a learned ability?
I ask this question as i think about all the things we as women go through, put up with, fight for, fight against and accept.  Many of these we could eliminate by refusing to accept or just letting go.  These are oftentimes felt as words easier said than actions done.
In my journey against this fight of breast cancer there are often thoughts of letting go and refusing to continue onward.  After a couples moments of venting I have clarity and focus on the end goal.
One of the purposes of this fight is to help women refuse to accept what is being given to us as all there is.
We are a large mass of the population no matter what the skin color and we have a larger than life voice that needs to be heard and adhered to.
We have the ability to stand up and shout to the masses that we do not have to endure all that is placed before us.
In this fight as in life we have obstacles placed in front of us to determine what our next course of action will be.  At that precise moment we have a decision to make as to how we're going to handle it.
Each woman in each situation will proceed in a manner that is perceived to work best for her while another woman will have a very different course of action.
Each of us endure a situation for different reasons for different length of time due to our perceptions.  When do we decide to make a change that is beneficial to us? 
Endurance is not a bad thing.
It is an inner strength that comes from the core.
It is not to be taken lightly or assumptions made of it.
It is the same endurance has gotten women through many difficult situations until the time was right to stand up and let go.
It is this same inner strength that we use to fight against breast cancer and
say we not losing, we are going to beat you!
It is this same inner strength that allows us to be their for our family members, loved ones, friends so they'll know we're not going anywhere.  We are going to be right there with you when you need us to be.
It is this same inner strength that allows those of in the fight to keep fighting, to keep asking, walking and standing tall each day another person close to us falls to disease.
Do you have the endurance to make it through whatever challenges, obstacles and situations that are placed before you.
Yes, it is your inner core.

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