Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fresh Start Day 4

My team has increased this year to 4 members!!
The new members haven't started training, so today was for them. We went through all the preliminaries and got started on the initiation walk. :)  We took on  the ups and downs of the streets and they weren't as prepared as they thought, with minor discomfort we completed 4 miles today.
Many people that are physically fit, exercise, weight train or run think walking is a no brainer.
BIG mistake!
Walking works so many different muscles throughout your entire body and your feet take most of the beating.
This is why footwear is so vital. Foot wear consists of your socks, and sneakers.  You need to make sure you have on the right sneakers for walking distances and a good pair of wicking socks.  COTTON is not your friend if you're a walker, especially on your feet.
If your feet absorb the moisture and have friction, say HELLO blisters - and they are not your friends.
Your everyday, cute, worn in sneakers are not going to make it. You need a GOOD pair of walking/running sneakers to take you the distance - 60 miles or better.
Before I began training for my first walk, I thought getting fitted and buying certain sneakers was all hype for the money and brands.  But oh how not true is that.  yes, I'm making a testimony here today!
I say that very clearly, because a good pair of sneakers does cost you a nice piece of change!!
Once you get fitted, you will be able to tell the difference in the sneaker you have always worn and the new ones.  I was so anti- fitting, but am extremely happy that I made the investment.  Look at it in this way, because that's what it is.  It's an investment in your body, time, energy and training efforts. You are able to recoup this cost as you're able to train without blisters, bunions, hot spots and feet issues.
One of our new members had that problem today.  Her adorably cute sneakers didn't hold up as well as they do for everyday jaunts to and from the car.  She wasn't able to complete the last 3/4 miles.  Which is okay.  Better she find this out now than while trying to walk 20 + miles.  Later today, she will have to soak her feet and get some moleskin for her feet to hopefully prevent blistering, but it will still work out for the best.
Blisters will burst and callouses will harden.  The bonus is they toughen up, your feet get that extra skin and prevents it from happening again in the same spots.
We still completed this walk in less than 60 minutes with breaks to accommodate our pained team member. I don't want to drone on about this but you'll hear more about it as our training continues.  This is all part of our training and efforts to prepare for this adventurous journey in the fight against Breast Cancer.
Now I'm on to the next one of 10.5 miles on Sunday!!
Stay tuned.


  1. Really practical advice! I've been reading lately that walking is great for you physically, but also helps your brain structure ideas and emotional patterns better and increases creativity. We have about 12 miles of forest trails where I live...hadn't thought of connecting them all in one big walk...hmmm

  2. Nichelle, this also reminds me of the importance of having a proper foundation in place for your business. We all have a tendency to skimp on acquiring or utilizing the most important features in setting a solid foundation for success. Just as the proper athletic shoes are mandatory for walking, it is critical that we have a solid branding and a solid marketing plan in place, also realizing that they are not one in the same. Once the proper foundation is in place, everything else runs just that much smoother. Great article. Now I guess I need to pull out my sneakers and get prepared to take a walk this afternoon myself :-)

  3. I may have to consider this. I live in San Francisco, and walk most places. Comfortable feet are a must. Cheering for you on your walk! Thanks for posting.

  4. I participated in the 3 day roughly 5 years ago. You are absolutely correct about taking the time to purchase moisture wicking socks and undergarments. Success leaves clues and when we follow the wisdom of those walkers who have gone before us - our positive experience is magnified. I wish you every success as you take this emotional, physical, spiritual and mental journey. Your life will be changed forever!