Friday, June 3, 2011

Bounty of Blessings

I just had to share this with someone and who better than you. You are following my journey, and I had to get this out there.
 I have begun to consider the alternate options out there that would enable me to officially complete this journey.
 I have been blessed to be a part of this FAMILY of individuals that are on this journey.
 I have been humbled in a manner that I can't begin to explain and it has to do with the FAMILY I have become a part of.  
They are supportive, encouraging, uplifting and feeding the spirit, body and soul just when you need it.
 For many of the survivors I know you understand where this is coming from.
 It has given you the courage and the strength to still BELIEVE.
We just won't accept NO for this journey!! 
If you have chosen not to be a part of it, that is okay. Just know that, you are as long as you read my updates.  Stay and travel this journey with me. 
At this point it is far beyond receiving the monetary donations, although I won't say NO to them. :0)  
It is about the connections, the ties that are bonding, that you build and strengthen as you make this journey.
 So, it doesn't matter if you have had a diagnosis, someone you love has or you are just supporting the cause.
The connections are made, and the blessing that are due will come along as they should. 
Today, I have received many blessings that were meant to come my way  from some of these family members and I need them to know and everyone else to know, that this is truly a sincerely heart felt THANK YOU!
I will continue to chug along on this journey and beat this challenge I've encountered on the end of raising funds. 
I will NOT be beat, 
I will NOT succumb, 
I will NOT be defeated. 
I WILL walk,
I WILL see  this journey through to the end.
I WILL NOT make it there by myself,
I will NOT be alone, 
I WILL be there!!
Come with me.

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