Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 5 - One Step @ A Time!

2010 was a year filled with an adventure beyond words. 2011 is bound to be better than I can imagine. 
I have the honor of being an Ambassador and will be out talking to the public in a big way!!
So, if you see me, stop me to chat about your connection to Breast Cancer. 

In 2010, I walked with a wonderful woman that is a fighter and a survivor. 
Sally decided to make a stand and voice her choice to live and fight against Breast Cancer. 
Along the way she supported other women and families of fighters that weren't as fortunate as herself. 
We decided to form a team and have been walking and training ever since then. 

We started our journey in the PINK and with pride,honor joy, tears and pain of completion. 
Our team is small and very intimate. There are now 4 of us. We have collected support from family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and the world of fighters and supporters alike. 

We will host a new event - Woman's Day - Celebrating & Loving Her!!
Here in Marietta, GA on 4/10/11 @ 2 PM. 
Last year, I held a workshop for a girl scout troop and encouraged them to speak to the women in their families as well as the men. We've been out there talking to people. People that we met every day and those that we know very well. We made new friends along the way and watched some old friends suffer through treatment and diagnosis. 

Our primary focus is to raise awareness to those that aren't infomred and to continue to inform those that have limited knowledge. We want women, men and families to know; they can get treatment in their communities, how important it is to get an annual mammogram, to complete a self-check breast exam, EARLY DETECTION is vital. 
We walked our 60 miles, slept in camp city and shared stories and raised funds along with friends. 

This year we doing it again! We will continue to do so until there is a cure. 
We walk not only for ourselves, our daughters, friends, sisters and co-workers; we walk for you too. 
We gained a list of individuals that are fighting the good, long fight and those that are no longer with us. 

It is in the honor of all women, that we Walk For A Cure! 

Join our efforts, continue to support us and make a donation as you see fit, join our team or just train with as as we begin anew. 
Spread the word with people you meet and those you already know. 

It is so easy to put it off. As women we tend to care for others first and barely get to ourselves. 
Let this year be the year you take care of yourself first.
I guarantee you it will be an experience that you will never forget. 
No, it's not easy, but it is well worth it.
We can't stop, must not stop because each and every single one of us and
our children behind us Deserves A Lifetime!

Please, visit the page-   click the link and donate. 
We can't do it without you and will do it for you!! 
Any donation is a positive step. 
PUSH with us for A CURE!


  1. I wish you much success. We as women tend to neglect ourselves because we are focused on our families. It is very important to take this time out for ourselves. I need to pratice this myself!

  2. Nichelle, I applaud and celebrate your passion to help women understand the importance of mammograms, exercise, healthy nutrition, annual pap smears and volunteerism. To be involved in something greater than yourself is indeed an honor and blessing.

    From a marketing perspective, consider hosting low cost educational teleseminars where you interview survivors, medical professionals and holistic care practitioners. Women need a forum where they can be supported in taking care of self.

  3. Nichelle I wish you well with you ambassadorship. This is such an important subject matter and touch each and everyone in one way or another.

    Jennifer Fivelsdal