Monday, June 6, 2011

Optimistic - Entry 6

This is the word that I will attach to this journey.
 Each day a woman is optimistic that life will carry on as usual and things will go according to plan. 
That means just the normal everyday stuff of living our lives.
She is optimistic that she'll keep her job, raise her family or at least have one and live out her life in general good health.
A woman is optimistic that it won't happen to her as she's been taking care of herslef and getting her exams as suggested.
A family is optimistic that all will work out in their favor after they've recived a diagnosis.
A family, the friends and the doctors are optimistic that they will be able to proivde treatment and aftercare to allow this person to maintain her life in a fashion similar to what it was before her diagnosis.
We are optimistic that the funding will be there. We are optimistic that a CURE will be produced.
We are optimistic that people will and do care and will help out as much as they can or choose to.
Well, here we are less than 170 days from the culmination of this journey and my optimism is wearing thin.
I have heard it all and much of it probably true. Yet we all know we have funds for what we want to do when we generally want to do it.
I'm no different and I too, am pretty much on a tight budget as is the majority of society, but I can scrape together a few coins and donate them all at one time.
It's all the little pieces that help out the most. Because you know what it takes to get them together, their impact is larger and means a great deal.
I just needed to get a few things off my chest and try to restore my optimism in people before my journey officially culminates at 60 miles. I still believe in people.  I'm not angry that you ignored me or that you can't afford it. 
I'm not angry that you haven't donated. 
Just deeply saddened.
Saddened that it doesn't mean enough to most people until it happens to them. 
Saddened that we spend a lot of time making the TWINS look just right, feel just right but not enough time being proactive to care enough.  
I don't expect it to be as important to you as it is to me, I just thought it would be on the range of importance since they're in your or someone else's face all day everyday.  
How will that face look when the TWINS look different, one is not there or they're both gone?  
I'm quite sure it won't look the same if it looks at all. 
Many people do want to do for others as they will DEFINITELY want others to do for them when the time comes.
WE ALL know that at some point and time it will come in some shape and form.
For too many women in comes in the form of a DIAGNOSIS

I will walk, with you, beside you or by myself  but, I WILL WALK!

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