Monday, April 25, 2011

Get on this train!!

Enough with the dilly dallying, It's time to hit the trails.
If you're with me, contact me and join in the walks.
I will have them posted for next week and moving forward.
Yes, I have gotten off to a late start, just trying to raise money and enjoy this journey as it is sure to be a WINNER!!!
We had women come to our event earlier this month and they enjoyed themselves and we did what our goal was, to raise awareness and engage the media.
So due to several request, I'm hosting another event for May and you should come and join us - it will be a Cocktails & Canvas fun raiser.  Something different to appeal to a whole different set of individuals.  the bonus is our talented painter Taryn is allowing us to receive proceeds from her regular and new students that attend this class as well.  Whoo hoo!!
I have posted the event on the page for you to see, so join in the fun and then go paint the town red!
I'm thinking it would be great to have an event every month until the walk and wrap things up with a KICK-OFF party that last week.  What do you think about that?
I will keep you posted as we forge ahead.

Wonderful people that are just joining us and continuing to support us in this fight, stay tuned.  Things are about to heat up here in Georgia!
this is the Patch coverage of our April event.  1st Annual Woman's Day Event - Celebrating & Loving Her!!

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