Friday, May 20, 2011

Making Changes!

Ever have that feeling I your gut and heart that you can do be doing something so much more than you are right now? 
Ever want to do something that has an impact, the ability to make a difference?
What do you do about it? 
You begin to act upon that feeling and get out there and find the niche that fits.  
That's what I have done, Foxs Trotters is allowing the voice of the quiet, unheard, and suffering to be heard.
We are raising awareness each and every day.  Breast Cancer is a monster that must be put to rest.
Life is a revolving entity that is ongoing. 
It doesn't just stop the moment you get where you going or think you should be going or arrive to. 
Take the time to honor all of the women in our lives - mothers, sisters, daughters, friends - by helping to build a world without breast cancer.
Give to honor an important woman to you. Don't sit back while breast cancer robs a mother, grandmother of the chance to see her grandchildren grow up, or prevents best friends from growing old together.
We walk because everyone deserves a lifetime.
You have the ability to change yourself as you make an impact on the life of those around you and those unknown to you. 
What impact are you going to have?
Please donate today, Happy Sunday! 
Visit and make your IMPACT!

Spread the word about awareness, share this note, the link and any names of those you know that have been touched.  They need to be recognized and proud to have survived this fight. If they have passed on, it will not be in vain.  
We will continue this fight in their honor, memory and their determination.  
You will continued this fight in their honor, memory and for their determination. 
Ask your friends to join in with you and do this together.  We can Make A Difference.
We Will Make A Difference!!

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