Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fight Pink » Who Are We

Fight Pink » Who Are We
Here we go!!
We are hosting a Cocktails & Canvas fun-raiser night of painting!!
Can't wait to see all the creativity just flowing throughout the room.
Save the date, get your canvas today - space is limited!! 5/13/11 7-9 PM

I just returned from spending the day at the East Cobb Market. had an opportunity to network and meet some great people with creative businesses.
I know that I'm doing my part with raising awareness and getting the word out there.
I've begun asking women have they and when was the last mammogram.
If not, I'll give them a BSA sheet, so they can do that until they get an appointment.
Remember, EARLY DETECTION is vital. I can't express it enough.
I also met a woman today that is a four year survivor and she is good so far.
We have to keep this fight going until we can put an end to breast cancer.

Please continue to do your part, no matter what it might be.
I'm, glad you guys are doing your part to keep this fight going.

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