Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quiet storm

Labor Day weekend and all is quiet.
It's the quiet before the storm.
I have been behind the scenes working hard as usual if not a tad bit harder.
I will be out on the trails once again on sunday, kicking up pavement and stomping out Breast Cancer.
This week I sold all of my items @ school and this was great.  Hoping that I'm creating a demand so I can increase my supply and begin to see some kind of profit. I have reached out to several schools in an effort to get others interested in the events and the cause overall. will have to wait until next week to see if that gains any results.
I can honestly say as it gets closer to the event - 49 days away, that I have lost all reserve in terms of whom to approach and ask. which is great for me.  It enables me to meet more people both interested and not in the cause.  As I was out today @ Michael's I met some prior walkers and handed out fliers to gain ticket sales and donations.  I have  faith that it will get better and that is how I chose to see it.
I started working on items for the raffle and valling businesses to see if they'd be interested in donating items to promote their businesses.  so as the weekend is an extended one, I'll have to wait until Tuesday for those responses.  
I was so busy trying to introduce my self to so many people on fb, they blocked me for 48 hours. (LOL)  Never would have thought it possible, but alas it is.  So let that be a lesson learned and one for the rest of you to avoid.
Bracelet sales are picking up, not enmasse, but enough to keep me positive.

I will check back in after my training on sunday, so enjoy the evening and all this weekend brings forth.
Hopefully, i can avoid the animals that don't want me in their territory since I'll l be solo this weekend.

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