Sunday, August 29, 2010



Sally and I completed 6 miles today.
It should have, would have been more but we were stopped dead in our tracks.
two dogs a mama pit bull and a some itty bitty chihuahua(?) blocked our way.
We were held up through their incessant barking and standing in the middle of the
road to dare us to move closer.  it was the only way for us to go and they were standing guard.
Not one neighbor or the owner for that matter ever opened a door to see what in the world was going on.
we eventually had to flag down a passing car and ask for a ride past them to continue on.
The 1st driver, just slowed as he passed the dogs, never paid any mind to us.  we were the ones that stopped in the first him in the first place.  Sally called out to me because as I moved to flag down the car, she started running towards me. as if she were angry i was getting someone else involved in the standoff.
The 2nd driver acted as though she wasn't going to stop and we were both in the middle of the road..  we explained and she gave us a lift.  But she was more concerned that the dogs might get hit by a car. imagine that!
It never ceases to amaze me the things you see as you walk in different places.
As of today that would put my training mileage @ 170.28 miles!!! Yay me!!

Busy trying to get this last event off the ground to go out with a BANG!!
So if you know anyone in the Hiram, Powder Springs, Marietta, GA area that might want to attend our Breakfast Bonanza, send them my way. Tickets @ $7 for a full sit down meal @ Applebees.
Lots of things planned to happen during their meal to make it loads of fun.
Why don't you come and check it out too. :)

Have a wonderful Sunday and remaining week.

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