Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still Training!!

After a wild emotionally filled, exciting day yesterday, we're at it again.
Sally and I did the walk this morning and added another 4 miles to the log.  Whoo Hooo!!
We're in the planning stages of extended walks to prepare for what Boston is wrapping up - long distances.
We have an event in August and prepping for that as well. Considering a connection with a massage therapist to raffle off her services.  Who doesn't want a massage???
I didn't post on Friday night after training as it ended after 3.7 miles due to heat conditions but I went back out and completed 2 more so I'm chugging along down here. :)
So if I add those and today's to the last posting of 126, that would put me @ 133.7 training miles logged in, Whoo Hoo!!!! (I may have missed some but this is the number I'm sticking with)

Pushing forward and reaching for the goals and beyond.  Already looking at what city we'll do next year as the registration is open for 2011.
I got some fantastic ideas from experienced walkers that I'm looking into planning for to see if we can pull them off successfully.
My body is telling me - wrap this up and put it to bed.  So, yes I will be taking off the Monday after the walk without a doubt in my mind!!

BTW- Looking at planning a 3-Day After Party for Halloween wknd. :)
Getting excited about that too.

Catch you all after the training snooze.

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