Friday, July 30, 2010

On the training trails

On the trails
Hey there,
Tonight I completed another 7 miles - yeah me !!!!!!
That will bring my total to 140.7 training miles thus far. As far as my goal of 25 for the week, that only puts me at 15, short 10 miles.
I still have to 10 to go before Sunday. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow.
Every Sunday starts a new training week and the goal increases by 5. next week the target will be 30 miles.
I did get about 4 people to commit to volunteer for my Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser being held the last weekend in August. Now I just need to start selling tickets for that. My target goal is a minimum of 50 tickets to be sold. At this event there will be raffles, door prizes, T-shirts and jewelry items for sale.
Very excited about this one as well.  So if you're interested in attending or purchasing a raffle ticket, please contact me so you can receive the information. It should be posted by Tuesday
There is also a scheduled event @ Chili's for August 19th, that will be posted shortly.

the best part is that I may be have an opportunity to host an event @ the Town Center Mall !!!!

 Still working out the details for that one.
So opportunities are happening, I just need to connect the people and get them interested to donate. 

Right now, my feet aren't fat :), but my calves are burning up. Hopefully, nothing a warm shower won't soothe. So, I'm off to take care of that. Have a great night and you'll see me here again tomorrow. :)

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