Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hey everyone,

It is very humid out there so be sure to hydrate even if you're not training.
well, tomorrow is the BIG EVENT @ Applebees and I am beyond excited.  I have no idea what the turnout will be, but I have been promoting like crazy!!
today i got more good news, we will be participating in the Rainbow Festival here in Marietta!!!
I'm excited because initially there was a fee for a booth, then today I got an email that they were going to allow my team to participate.  how cool is that!!!
So now I have to run around and get items to have at my table beyond what I already have as this is an all day/night event.
Have  couple clinics this week, Expo on the weekend, whew!! I'm tired just talking about it. :)
Pushing the raffle tickets has been going well too, the donations are coming in @ about 2 per week.  Posting all items we have to sell and just getting the word out there.
I will not lie- fundraising has proven to be a challenge.

Training is all set - posted a few Friday night walks and can't wait to hit the trail on those as it will be a new area for me.

I'm just enjoying the moment of good tidings. :)

Be safe out there people!!!

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