Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gear Up

I just returned from a clinic in Kennesaw,GA
It was really a nice event.  Talk about going all out, this was it.
There was wine, drinks, food, desert and awesome gift bags - did I mention the numerous raffles!!
Maggie was a humble hostess and The Beach Peach is a great place full of very nice people.

They had several individuals there to talk about footwear, from inserts, sneakers, fittings and socks.
Who knew?? Obviously not me - so I got a lot of information and was able to share some as well.
Big Peach seems like a great place to work and to shop.
30/60 day return, refund or exchange and we got a 15% . discount today.

Got to engage with my new friends and hand out the invites to my event @ Applebees.
Not bad for a Tuesday night out. :)  Yes it's the most I do nowadays. :)

I am officially an endurance athlete in training, so are the rest of you. :)
 A bit disappointed, didn't take my camera to have pics to share, oh well. Next time, I'll be better prepared.

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