Sunday, July 11, 2010

You guys have been really busy since my last post which seems sooo long ago.
I have gotten back in the groove again and hopes the weather will as well.
It has been extremely humid and that has been the most difficult, especially a for an asthmatic.
I have been back out there and intend to stay out there.  Have increased the walks to 2 x a day since, I'm so far behind (at least in my mind).
I have so many irons in the fire, I'm hoping not to burn up. :)
Where do I begin -

  • We are hosting Dining to Donate @ Applebees this week from 11AM - 11:30 PM  hoping to get a lot of people there so we can get an amazing donation from them!! 
  • Headed out to a few clinics to get all the information that we can to be prepared for whatever may come our way. 
  • Planning another Dining to Donate @ Chillis in August 
  • Offering raffles for $50 gift cards for donations of $20 or more
  • Trying to get into venues to share the information and get donations from everybody. 
  • Ordering, selling and holding garage sales up the whazuuu
  • Posting on every network I know of - Craigs, AJC, fb, marketplace,etc
I think that is about it for now.  The donations are trickling in and I think the raffle idea is catching on.  I have just about given up on emailing from the SGK site, thinking people are ignoring them at this point.  But what is amazing is that they read it, go to the page and that's it!  What is up with that, if you read the message, visit the page, why not donate?? Ugghhhh so frustrating. 
So, I opted to discontinue that avenue and try the face to face/door to door route instead.  
I think what is most disappointing is that the people, you think were going to support you are the ones that aren't. So look out strangers, here I come! :) 

Have a wonderful day people and good luck to everyone walking in the next few days!!
Going to get my sneakers today and very excited about that.   
The buttons from wacky arrived and can't wait to get out there with those.  They are just adorable, small enough to be see, but not tiny.  I think I made a good choice. 

My partner is back in action, doctor cleared her and we went out this morning.  It was great to walk with her again.  We did 4 miles as her first time back on the trails.  it was not humid and the hill had her gasping a lot!! But we made it through, all the while Im posting fliers about our dinner on Wed. :) 

So, if you're in the Atlanta area and know of any venues I can participate in, let me know. 

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