Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Business is You!

Duh! It just clicked, I'm in the caring business! 
I'm loving most of the moments of it too! 

I have no idea where my head has been, but it's up and focused at this point. 
For the last twenty something years, I've been involved in doing some act of helping another person in someway. 
Being an educator, teaching helps make a difference in the lives of our children. I want share with them the joy of learning, the power in having knowledge.  To be able to supply that thirst for learning and knowing that there is always more to drink in makes me smile.  I admit my approach is unique. 
Being a girl scout leader was such great fun!  To learn and realize that it was all about shaping and empowering young girls to believe in themselves, helping to develop young leaders that will make an impact as they go forward in their lives. 
Being an advocate, a supporter, a voice of women that have been diagnosed to know that there is a tomorrow after the diagnosis.  Knowing that they can weather the storm and become victorious is truly a humbling time.  When another woman shares her most personal moments with you because there is a trust and a willingness to listen, just overwhelms your soul.  
I know that each person is different, but each of us has a passion a purpose to be here. Are you walking and serving in yours?

I've been doing this all my life and today the light bulb went click! 
becoming a stylist was a change for the good.  Have the opportunity to connect with and meet women in a pressure/stress free environment, to help each of them identify what makes them happy is remarkable.  Empowering another to recognize their strength that was there all the time is life changing.  No it doesn't happen overnight, but to watch the planted seed begin to sprout, there are no words to describe the feeling. 
My change happens in small tiny steps, but I can say that I'm seeing it happen.

I know in my heart that I walk the talk that I speak of and I'm proud of that. 
I can only hope that the lives of those I touch have been impacted in a positive way when they reflect back on that time. 
We all need a glimmer of hope, a tiny flicker of light to help spur us to continue to move forward.  Some need more, some need less but we all need. 
The strong get weary and the weak get stronger but the power of that tiny flicker is enough to keep you going. Maybe not when you wanted me to be or when you thought I should be, no matter the choice, I've been there the whole time.  Sometimes watching from a distance, just off the beaten path patiently waiting in the wings for your signal to say its okay.  People change, we grow, we evolve or digress but my business is you because I care.  I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, when you're ready this is where I'll be. 

I am My Sister's Keeper

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