Friday, May 3, 2013

Why Not Today

I find it very difficult to fathom any reason that any woman doesn't  take the mere 10 minutes to tend to herself.  Literally 10 minutes is the most time it will take to check your breast.  Think of what you do that takes far longer than 10 minutes.  The time it takes to make a pot of coffee is the same amount of time it would take to check your breasts, check your messages, read your emails, etc.

Many of you have seen my post about walking and fighting this potentially deadly disease - Breast Cancer. All too often I learn of a friend of a friend that has been diagnosed with breast cancer or passed on. I have a monthly event that encourage and supports self-breast exams. IF you do your self-breast exams monthly, you have a much better chance of catching it in the early stages.

IF you are not doing your self-breast exams, I encourage you to do so. In addition, schedule your yearly mammogram.

I far from my goal of $3,300 having received $979 in generous donations. I would love to reach my goal to enable me to focus on the much needed training. Don't wait until October, you can make a 100% tax deductible donation securely online at

This tree of ribbons is growing as does the love for our sisters that have received a diagnosis.  Let's put an end to it.

This Mother's Day, I challenge you to make your appointment for a mammogram and then comment with your date.
I am My Sister's Keeper

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