Saturday, December 15, 2012

Value or Distress

Today a friend that I know is fighting the disease and herself. 
She posted this earlier this morning, "Uggh....Somedays I wish this Cancer would have took me out so Over Bullshit!!!
I was very shaken by the mere words - and considering all the death that took place just yesterday and not only in Newtown, CT.  I was angry and just burst into a ball of tears. 
I posted the following in response, " NO!! Do not put that out into the universe!!!" 
No matter how rough it is right now, just imagine if you were not here to have experienced all the beautiful things that have taken place since your diagnosis.
You would have missed so many wonderful moments and memories made and shared. At any moment
your life can be taken and it has nothing to do with the cancer. You are a fighter and although you get weary, you are strong and will continue to grow stronger with each day. Stronger from the strength that is provided by HIM alone and the focus on doing all those things you want to do. Just the pleasure of waking up in the morning, is more than enough to keep you focused and forging ahead. Think of those that aren't as fortunate as you are this very moment, even to be sitting here reading this reprimand that is just a rough reminder of your blessing. You will get through this rough spot that seems to last so much longer than necessary, but you are here to experience it. Hold tight, fast and long - you will get through this part as well. There are so many of us here pulling for you, being there with you and loving on you even when you don't want it. Those thought happen to us all, just keep it within your very tiny circle, not out into the universe, We would hate for it to be heard and you be taken before we're ready. peace and love to you my sister.

during this time there are far too many people suffering both in silence and aloud.  the question i ask is are they being heard?  
We have to value the time that we have here, even though we are often upset, discouraged and even distraught by things that happen to us or those around us.  We have to hold on to whatever faith or belief system we have to get us through.  We also have to take actions to make them better. I'm not judging as there have been moments when I too have felt the same, yet I've not voiced them aloud. I value the life that I have especially when I see so many that are worse and better off than I am.  I value all the joy that I'm able to bring to others and experience myself.  I value the live of those that have and continue to thrive full and functioning lives.  I value the ability to just get through each day with sanity and the love of family, despite any despair I might be going through. 
Do you value your life and all that comes with it?
I ask that we keep our families close to us and that we keep the lines of communication open.  Talk to those that we trust to help or just listen to us. Speak about the pain, discomfort and agony that you're going through as it is therapeutic in its own way.  
Please don't give up the fight to live your life to the best that you can.  
Fight to live, fight to see another day, week, month and year. 
Fight because you are worth it. 
Fight for the value that your life can give to another. 
Fight to prove that you have value. 
Fight, Fight, Fight! 
I am My Sister's Keeper 

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